How it works

We offer a full range of conveyancing searches nationwide.

How it works

Property Solutions is a department within Northumbrian Water that provides a range of conveyancing searches that assist in property purchases.

Property Solutions offer a broad range of searches for both residential and commercial transactions including local authority searches, environmental reports, coal mining reports, drainage and water enquiries, utility searches and many more.

About NWPS

In autumn 2001 Northumbrian Water Property Solutions (NWPS) was launched providing only Drainage and Water reports to solicitors. Over the years NWPS has grown both its products and service to become the biggest search provider in the North East of England.

Property Solutions holds a unique position within the market place through its owner, a high profile, blue chip organisation, namely Northumbrian Water (NW). NW is a major employer that is known for and measured by its consistently high standards; as a result Property Solutions has a responsibility to continually deliver high standards of customer service, competitive pricing and efficiency.

How it works

To place an order through the NWPS website you will require a User ID and password which can be obtained by clicking on the register now option on our homepage or contacting 0191 3016777 / 0191 3016497.

Enter the website
Log in with your allocated user name and password – if you forget your user name or password you can contact the team on 0870 241 7408 for help.

Address confirmation and input reference
Input the property address using the address search or manual entry if the address isn′t recognised. Property Solutions is able to validate the address from property number and postcode if applicable. Input your unique client reference and if you would like to upload a plan.

Select searches
NWPS offer a wide range of conveyancing searches for both residential and commercial properties nationwide which you select at this point, for a full list of searches please visit the services page of the website.

After submitting the order the details will appear in a printer friendly format. As well as this you will be issued with a unique reference number in case you need to contact us to cancel the searches or for any other reason relating to the matter.

When placing orders online you have the added benefit of not having to pay immediately for searches. Instead we will send an invoice and itemised bill for all the searches ordered in the previous calendar month.

Receiving your requests
Once you have placed your order through our website the request is received by us within 30 seconds of you receiving your confirmation. We will begin to process the request on the same day and if we require further information such as a plan or clarification of the property address we will contact you by phone or e-mail. Once the request has been processed all reports will be uploaded onto our website for you to log in and download, if required searches can be posted out via the DX or Royal Mail.

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To place an order through the NWPS website you will require a User ID and password which can be obtained by clicking the link below. Click here to register

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If you have any questions and need to speak to someone, one of our trained team are always on hand to assist. Contact us online

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